Everyday Therapy
Specialising in sports injuries and injuries sustained during everyday living

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Emma Whelan Certifications

  • Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner by the Kinesio Association
  • Bachelors of Science Degree in Athletic Therapy and Training from Dublin City University
  • Part of the Irish Massage Therapists Association
Emma Whelan founder of Everyday Therapy, trained in DCU and completed a 2nd class Bachelor of Science Degree in Athletic Therapy & Training.

As part of the course she covered many modules including;

  • 100’s of injures – how they present, diagnosis
  • General assessment
  • Specific assessment
  • Functional movement

Injury treatment using several modalities including;

  • Ultrasound
  • Tens
  • Laser

She also completed training with Dr. Johnson Mc Evoy in Foundations of Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy. As myofascial pain and active trigger points are responsible for many phoniest pain and complaints as a result of our hectic lifestyles from work, social, and sporting demands.

Emma completed a external course in Dry Needling. This modality allows to reduce the achieve trigger points reducing pain quickly and more localised than many other treatments.

During her time in University she sustained herself through a part-time job in a local pharmacy completing an IPU (Irish Pharmaceutical Union) pharmacy technicians course during the summer months to allow here to have a more in depth knowledge in the pharmacology end of her work. It also allows Emma to advise her patients on initial injury management, which can decrease an injury life time significantly, using her OTC training.

kinesio taping cert emma

Emma is Kinesio Tape Practitioner certified by the Kinesio Association which is highly popular, since David Beckham revealed a strip down his back. It became available to athletes through the IKT Course where Emma is currently signed as a Registered Tape Practitioner with many benefits if applied correctly.

Emma herself is experienced in many sports including soccer and dancing. So she understands the demands involvement can have and the mishaps that come along with it through injuries. She takes a huge interest in all sports including soccer, rugby, golf, roller ball, athletics, marathon running, triathlons, ceilí (Irish dancing), horse riding as well as everyday activities.

She will do her best to understand and complete the necessary background work to compile the best rehab plan for her patients to regain 100% fitness.